About SUP

Stand up paddle boarding has been utilised by numerous cultures throughout history as a convenient way to navigate both ocean and inland waters. Stand up paddle boarding has historically been used for fishing, transportation and life-guarding, however, in recent years it has developed into a recreational sport, suitable for people of all ages.


Only requiring a few pieces of equipment, stand up paddle boarding is an extremely convenient sport, that can be performed anywhere from the flat waters of the Yarra River to challenging surf of Bells Beach. It is a very low-impact sport, making it suitable for a variety of skill and fitness levels.


Stand up paddle boarding is a fun, easy and healthy activity, that strengthens your vital core muscles and builds cardiovascular fitness, making it the perfect way to enjoy the beach this summer!


Inverloch SUP

At Inverloch SUP we deliver top-quality SUP instruction, in a premium location, to ensure that our customers become the best paddlers they can be, whilst having the most fun possible. Using our high quality, beginner-friendly equipment, we guarantee that you will stand up and paddle within your first lesson, whilst enjoying the beautiful waters of Andersons’ Inlet.

Our equipment consists of soft beginner boards all the way to premium performance boards from Fanatic, one of the leading SUP brands in the world.

Our fully-accredited team is comprised of passionate local paddle boarders, who know the area extremely well and have a love to help others improve their paddling skills. Our location makes our hire and lesson services extremely convenient, being only metres away from the water.

So come join the fun and get paddling!

Our Team

Max Wells

Tony Smith

Jeremy Smith

Taj Mcentee

Harry Smith

Alex Mcentee

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